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Winning Bidding Strategies

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or the veteran of several home purchases, making an offer can be intimidating. Frequently, there are “intangible” factors in play during a negotiation. While money and terms are critically important, never underestimate the role of emotions—yours and the seller’s. Laying the Groundwork You have a better chance of getting your […]

Condo Conversions

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The Truth About Condominium Conversions As home prices climb in major metropolitan areas, many real estate developers are converting apartment buildings into condominiums. These developers usually renovate kitchens, baths and flooring, replace light fixtures, add a coat of paint and voila! the transformation from apartment to converted condo is complete. Affordable Housing In California, these […]


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There’s been plenty of talk (there always is) about the housing bubble. Pundits squawk about inflation and real estate prices, while panicky consumers scratch their heads wondering if they should buy, sell or hold. Every day, a new economic indicator about inflation, interest rates, new home starts and housing prices is released. Rather than demystifying […]

Down Payment Strategies

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Brian Yui CEO, Saving for a down payment, while second-nature to some, is a real challenge for a large number of hopeful home buyers. If you’re one of the many people with enough income to service a monthly mortgage, but no money for a down payment, a little self-control and sticking to a realistic […]